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                                                                           Soap Dispensers                    4 - 6
                                                                           Paper Towel Dispensers             7 - 8

                                                                           Toilet Roll Holders                9 - 12

                                                                           Spare Toilet Roll Holders            13
                                                                           Toilet Brush and Holders             14

                                                                           Towel Rails                          15

                                                                           Robe Hooks                           16
                                                                           Toilet Tissue Dispensers          17 - 18

                                                                           Bathroom Shelves                 19 - 20

                                                                           Waste Bins                       20 - 23
                                                                           Hand Dryers                      24 - 25

                                                                           Sanitary Bag & Tissue Dispensers     26

                                                                           Lockable Medicine Cabinet            27

                                                                           Baby Change Table                    27

       Cleaning Procedure for Stainless Steel
       •    Employ regular routine cleaning rather than an occasional aggressive
            single cleaning.
       •    Only use proprietary brands of cleaners that state ‘suitable for stainless steel’.
       •    A routine, simple and gentle cleaning with these products will retain the
            corrosion resistance, help prevent finger marks and maintain the appearance
            of the stainless.
       •    Rinse the surface with clean water.
       •    Dry the surface with a clean cloth.

       Things to avoid when cleaning
       •    Do not use abrasive chemicals/powders
       •    Do not use metallic scourers or brushes with metal bristles
       •    Do not use hard objects such as knife blades
       •    Do not use power washers
       •    Under no circumstances should concentrated bleach, hydrochloric acid
            based solutions, such as silver cleaners, or build mortar removal solutions
            contact the stainless steel surfaces.

       Small scratches can be carefully removed using a Scotch-Brite Hand Pad and
       then finished with a stainless steel cleaner. Important: When using Scotch-Brite,
       ALWAYS rub in the direction of the stainless steel grain - never against it.

       For further information or any concerns relating to the cleaning and
       maintenance of any product please contact
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