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             Welcome to the New Bolota 304 Washroom

             brochure...a very modern and sleek range.

             This highly-engineered range of washroom fittings and accessories have
             been designed and manufactured to some of the industry’s highest

             The designs shown within this brochure are typically the most commonly
             specified and chosen product ranges, offering great functionality,
             innovation and can be found in most washroom solutions around the UK.

             Whether private or public buildings, this selected range of Grade 304
             stainless steel washroom fittings will complement the most prestige offices,
             commercial areas and public buildings, offering a well designed product,
             manufactured to perform and last under extreme circumstances.

             The Bolota 304 range shown is just a very small part of the vast range of
             washroom equipment available to us. Our sales team are on hand to offer
             expert advice and specification details on any other designs and finishes
             you may require. For further details and literature, please contact us at:

             CARE, MAINTENANCE AND                                Initial Cleaning
             CLEANING OF STAINLESS STEEL                          •    Initial cleaning after installation should be done as soon as
             WASHROOM PRODUCTS                                         possible to remove any dust, dirt and grime that may have
                                                                       settled on the surface during installation or by other
                                                                       surrounding building works.
             About Stainless Steel
                                                                  •    The plastic covering on any new  product will prevent natural
             The corrosion resistance of stainless steel (Grade 304) washroom
                                                                       self passivation. This will only commence once the plastic is
             fittings stems from an extremely thin but tenacious and
             self-repairing passive film, which forms on the surface of the
                                                                  •    Clean the surface to remove any adhesive residues using
             stainless steel. This imparts the properties of stain resistance and
                                                                       stainless steel cleaner.
             aesthetic appearance which makes stainless steel the ideal choice
                                                                  •    Frequently clean the surface during the initial weeks of
             for many washroom environments.
                                                                       exposure to keep it free of settled substances. This also

                                                                       stimulates the formation of the passive film.
             Stainless steel will be unaffected by normal conditions of everyday

             use. Routine simple gentle cleaning will reward the owner with a
                                                                  Routine Cleaning
             product, which retains its properties and appearance throughout
                                                                  •    The aesthetic appearance and corrosion resistance of all
             years of constant daily usage. All grades of stainless steel will stain
                                                                       grades of stainless steel can be adversely affected by dust,
             and may discolour in time due to surface deposits and lack of
                                                                       grime and aggressive salts that settle and accumulate on the
             cleaning, therefore they will never be completely maintenance free.
             A frequent cause of staining and micro pitting of stainless steel is
                                                                  •    Dulling, discolouration, staining and possibly the initiation of
             splashing with undiluted bleach solutions and mortar cleaners.
                                                                       corrosion may result unless such substances are removed by
             Because of stainless steel has a reputation for durability, washroom
                                                                       regular routine cleaning.
             dispensers and accessories are sometimes assumed to be
                                                                  •    A full cleaning regime must be implemented and documented
             indestructible, and therefore subjected to misuse or even abuse.
             Care should be taken to avoid such ‘abnormal’ use.
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